Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a commitment to us and our obligation towards future generations.

NOVA engineers study and research technological solutions aiming to improve the energy efficiency both of our products and also of our factory.

An efficient factory

For this reason NOVA has installed a 100 kW photovoltaic plant, which generates 70% of the overall factory energy requirement, and the remaining 30% is supplied by Repower AG totally from renewable sources.

Furthermore, we manufacture our lifts by means of high efficiency innovative machinery. Our optic fiber laser cut machine, for instance, requires 50% less power than traditional laser cut machines.

green elevators

Our care for energy saving, ecology and high energy efficiency also reflects in our products design and manufacturing: all of them, actually, are made complying with GREEN concepts defined by European Union and class A certified according to German Directive VDI 4707.

NOVA Suite Lifts equipped with gearless motors require negligible power (0,55kW at  230V) just like a vacuum cleaner, thanks also to ERP system which cuts energy consumption down when the elevator is idle.

What's gearless motor?

The gearless motor, which NOVA adopts on the lifts, is a smart motorcapable of supplying only the power really needed by the lift according to the feedbacks received during its travel. When the lift runs with no load in its cabin, the motor will supply a small amount of power whereas, when the cabin is fully loaded, the gearless system is able to optimize energy supply according to the load weight.

The energy efficiency is not only low consumption but also low waste: our metal structures and doors are designed in order to provide thermal insulation and to reduce as much as possible thermal transmittance between different rooms.

Nova trusts in energy efficiency, therefore we think, design and manufacture aiming to minimize energy consumption and air pollution, as a consequence.

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Find out how Nova lifts can upgrade your home and make it accessible with style and grace.

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