Can a homelift be classy, refined and have – at the same time – a captivating design which meets the taste and the style of home owners?

Everything is possible with NOVA! Details which matter to customers also matter to NOVA, who dedicates research and study to get the best finishes, the finest materials, the details that make the difference.

Design and fine details to bring luxury and elegance into your life.

Valuable materials and care for details

Bright stainless steel, glasses creating transparency as well as trick of the light, precious veneer and solid timber...these are only a few of the materials that NOVA provides on its lifts together with studied lines, fine details and custom made design which make your lift a real “furniture item”, blending in the house and meeting owners’ taste.

design lifts

A lift must be more than useful, safe and technologically advanced: it also has to be beautiful and add value to the house it’s installed in.

Catchy aesthetical solutions come from NOVA's research and attention to details such as NOVA Giotto, the round homelift ideal for elegant locations and round staircases or Suite lift with a massive range of finishes which allow for unique elevators harmonizing with everyone’s taste and preference.

Glazed panels, stainless steel, several different door styles, many colors and materials for the cabin ranging from pvc to granite, from timber laminate cladding to skinplate panels, we have selected these options to create unique and exclusive designs.

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Find out how Nova lifts can upgrade your home and
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Ask for immediate and free site inspection!

Find out how Nova lifts can upgrade your home and make it accessible with style and grace.

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