Latus, the ultimate lift for renovating existing buildings

 Where the others wouldn't fit.

Latus is a passenger lift line designed, patented and manufactured by NOVA to be installed in existing buildings, including narrow and odd-shaped spaces.

The owners of existing buildings frequently need to make them accessible with a lift whach had not been planned. Sometimes old lifts need to be replaced and the new ones must match the original size.

Latus is the ultimate solution for such applications: it’s completely tailor-made according to the available spaces, it features low headroom, shallow pit and its installation does not require significant building works. In addition, finishes and options can be selected to harmonize your own lift with your home and add value to your property with a convenient and classy product.

Safe for everybody

Latus features all the necessary devices to guarantee full safety to users. Furthermore, the T-salvo patented system creates safety spaces for the mechanics working in the shaft, even when the headroom is low and the pit is shallow.

Traction or hydraulic drive

Latus is available both with hydraulic and traction drive and it’s complying with 2014/33/UE Lift Directive.
Latus traction version features a high energy efficient gearless motor driven by a closed loop feedback controller.
The motor supplies power according to cabin load e.g.: when the lift is empty less power is supplied than when the cabin is fully loaded. Energy consumption is minimized this way and it’s lower than hydraulic drive one.


 Drive  Duty load (kg) Speed (m/sec) Power Cabin Size (mm) Shaft width (mm) Pit (mm) Travel (mm) Headroom (mm)
 Traction ≤ 400  0,6  2÷4 variabili L≥700 ≥350  30000 ≥2900
 Hydraulic  ≤ 300 0,6   7÷9  variabili  ≥710  ≥450 20000 ≥2900

Cabins and structures with multiple entrances are available. The cabin minimum size will change accordingly.

Traction drive

 trazione elettrica accesso singolo trazione elettrica accessi opposti  trazione elettrica accessi adiacenti 

 Singel entry

Open through 180° Open through 90°

Hydraulic drive

 trazione idraulica accesso singolo  trazione idraulica accessi opposti  trazione idraulica accessi adiacenti
Single entry Open through 180° Open through 90°

Our Latus lift

latus porta marilyn acciaio   latus porta anna acciaio
“Marilyn” swing door: steel frame and clear glass panoramic window. “Anna” swing door: steel frame and clear glass panoramic window. This lift was slightly raised above ground floor level in order to minimize the pit depth. A steel ramp leads you to the lift comfortably.

Latus in a narrow staricase: 710 mm shaft

The staircase, in this building, was really narrow but it was the only place where a lift could be placed and it also had to be trimmed.
Latus was immediately reckoned to be the ultimate solution thanks to its minimal size.
The shaft width is 710 mm and the cabin width is 500 mm; a panoramic glazed wall was provided to give passengers a feeling of spaciousness.
An external cladding was provided for the cabin matching the metal structure colour in order to harmonize the lift with the surround.

latus modernizzazione in vano scala ristretto  latus vano scale stretto  interno cabina latus

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Ask for immediate and free site inspection!

Find out how Nova lifts can upgrade your home and make it accessible with style and grace.

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