Incas, metal structures for lift shafts

Incas metal structures are completely designed and manufactured in Italy, complying with NTC2008 and UNI EN 1090. These norms dictate requirements for applying CE mark to metal structures used in building industry.

Incas metal structures combine strength and aesthetics in order to provide maximum safety – even in high seismic hazard areas like Italy – as well as refined design, so that the lift harmonizes with the building and the landscape.
All Incas metal structures are perfectly adaptable to existing shaft dimensions, both indoor and outdoor.
All models can be customised according to customers wishes both from a technical and an aesthetical point of view: several finishes can be selected in addition to RAL palette colours range. 



Indoor metal structure. The structure is made of metal vertical posts and horizontal crossbars.
Walls are cladded with glass panels.


A metal structure fitting both indoor and outdoor installations. The cladding glass panels are flush with interior shaft surface and secured by snap in side keepers. Posts and crossbars are made of metal.


A metal structure fitting both indoor and outdoor installations. The cladding glass panels are flush with external shaft surface.


Pisac metal structure is especially designed for outdoor installations. The glass cladding covers posts and crossbars and its sealed by EPDM gaskets.


Sillustani is a metal structure intended for outdoor installations.
Its main feature is the insulated cladding made of panels installed externally on the structure walls.


Latus metal structure can be installed both indoor and outdoor in small or odd-shaped shafts with minimum width of 710mm.
This metal structure features a bolted frame with variable shape posts and adjustable fixing brackets. An additional guiderail can be installed when necessary.

Know more about Latus

Standard metal structures


Round metal shafts can be provided. This kind of structure is usually selected when panoramic lifts are required with fascinating look both indoor or outdoor.


Metal shaft with standard structure are usually square or rectangular shaped with customised frames and finishes

Unique solutions


Inox is a metal shaft with stainless steel structure and glazed cladding.
Its modern design makes the lift turn into a decor item suitable for every location.


Desenzano is a fully glazed structure for outdoor shafts, cladded with mirror glass panels covering the metal structure behind.
Neat lines make it especially graceful and classy: the ultimate solution for innovative buildings as well as classic ones.

Construction options

  • Metals structures can be treated in different ways:

    • Zinc powder coating (additional treatment highly recommended in wet, salty or corrosive environment)
    • RAL powder coating (polyestere powder coating with massive range of colours)
    • Stainless steel (AISI304 or AISI316)
  • Depending on duty load and installation conditions, one of the following devices can be provided to give outdoor structures maximum robustness and safety:

    • Diagonal crossbars
    • C shaped steel ties (to be bolted to the load bearing wall)
  • Water proofing systems are provided with outdoor structures such as:

    • Silicone
    • EPDM rubber seals (on request)

Standard RAL Colours


6011 Rededa Green


1014 Ivory


1015 Light Ivory


5024 Pastel Blue


7032 Pebble Grey


7035 Light Grey


7037 Anthracite Grey


8002 Signal Brown


8017 Chocolate Brown


9001 Cream


9002 Grey White


7016 Anthracite Grey




Light Grey


Darl Grey


Dark Brown


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