Suite Home Elevator

Suite is a home elevator suitable for narrow spaces too, both indoor and outdoor. It's designed and manufactured in compliance with GREEN concepts defined by EU and according to energy saving and eco-friendly principles.

Suite features

  • Minimal shaft required: only 68 cm
  • Wide range of options, finishes, shapes
  • UItra-quiet PM motor
  • Minimal energy consumption: 0,55 kW just like a lamp
  • Machineroomless installation

Giotto round home elevator

Giotto is the home elevator with round shape, modern and accurate design. Giotto has been developed complying with trends and requirements of architects, home designers, end users. Giotto is a highly customizable elevator featuring a wide selection of sizes, options and finishes.

Giotto is furniture in itself, the ultimate lift for luxury mansions, and buildings where interior design is essential.

Giotto features

  • Stylish design and luxury finishes 
  • Totally tailor made 
  • Wide range of bespoke options
  • ERP system to minimize energy consumption
  • Machineroomless installation 
  • Comfort and safety


Nova Elevators design and manufacture lifts metal shafts featuring traditional Made in Italy excellence.
All metal structures comply with NTC2008 and UNI EN 1090 directives defining conditions under which, CE mark can be affixed to metal components used in structural and building industry.
A wide range of models is available and bespoke solution can be designed as well according to every single customer requirements.

Incas features

  • Made in Italy
  • Wide range of models, solutions and options
  • Committed to safety
  • Stylish and refined design
  • Certified welding process
  • T-Salvo safety device


Nova Elevators design and manufacture Latus: a passenger lift suitable for existing buildings modernization or replacement of obsolete lifts.
Customizable cabins and metal shafts make Latus installation possible in every kind of buildings including outdoor, narrow and odd-shaped staircases, shafts with low headroom and shallow pit.
T-Salvo is Nova patented safety device complying with EN81-21 and achieving refuge space for technicians in low headroom or shallow pit shafts

Latus features

  • high energy efficiency
  • Certified traction version with gearless motor
  • Manual swing and automatic sliding doors options
  • Low headroom and shallow pit
  • T-Salvo safety device
  • Design and manufacture of most lift components

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