Tailor your lift according to your style and your needs

Choosing your own materials, finishes, options allows you to create a lift matching your tastes and needs both in terms of comfort and aesthetics.
Regardless of whether it’s a private house or an office block, a shopping center or a public building, beauty and harmony are always crucial topics.

The lift customization begins by choosing the cabin structure and its materials and it goes on with the selection of finishes, colours and available options (doors, lighting, handrails, mirrors, bumper rails etc.)

Standard cabins lift

NOVA offers four standard lift cabins models with different designs to meet every customer wishes.

  • Linea TK

    The elegance of plain lines

    Horizontal lines and contrasting edges for a refined cabin

  • Linea Soffio

    Light and stylish

    Soffio cabin is especially developed to make old cabins replacement easy and smooth

  • Linea Thema

    The quick-change artist

    You can transform your Thema cabin any time!

  • Linea Futura

    Talking about style

    Modern and refined design, dedicated to who loves neat and clean lines. Cladded walls are what distinguish Futura cabin.


Cabins options

NOVA cabins can be tailored adding options which improve comfort, safety and aesthetics. Several lights, handrails, seats might be selected which make travelling safer and more comfortable. Glove boxes and cabinet can also be provided.

Contact us

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Find out how Nova lifts can upgrade your home and make it accessible with style and grace.

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