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Home lifts and lifts for building modernizations

Established in 1992, Nova manufactures complete lifts and components for lifts and lift platforms, with 6 product lines:

LATUS lifts for modernization of existing buildings LATUS is the ideal LIFT for BUILDING MODERNIZATIONS as it can be installed in narrow and/or oddly-shaped stairwells, even with REDUCED PIT and HEADROOM
SUITE home lifts and lift platforms for the home SUITE is the SMALL and ENERGY-EFFICIENT home lift
Mini SUITE lift platform, pantograph lift MINI SUITE is a PANTOGRAPH LIFT PLATFORM
NOVA CABINS special and standard lift cabins NOVA Cabine manufactures standard and special lift CABINS
INCAS metal structures for lifts INCAS manufactures METAL STRUCTURES for lifts

NOVA manufactures complete standard and panoramic lifts for indoor and outdoor installation:

  • SUITE is the small lift for the home, office, public buildings and blocks of flats. This lift platform (only 0.55 kW) blends perfectly with the features of the existing building and its installation does not require major masonry work.
  • LATUS is the ideal lift for building modernizations (private houses, blocks of flats, office buildings...), because it can be installed in narrow shafts, up to 710 mm of external shaft dimension. The LATUS range includes TRACTION - Electrically-operated Gearless models as well as HY - Hydraulically-operated models.
Energy-Saving, Environment-Friendly Lift from design to use Go back to top

NOVA cares about Energy Efficiency and the Environment.
NOVA designs and manufactures its lifts according to these principles, thus offering its customers innovative products with significantly smaller running and maintenance costs.

NOVA's production processes rely on the energy produced by a 100 kW photovoltaic system assuring that the factory is self-sufficient, and considerably reducing CO2 emissions.

NOVA uses innovative, energy-efficient machinery such as a fiber optic laser cutting machine requiring 50% less installed power compared to similar traditional machines, even though its purchase cost is 30% higher.

NOVA Quality Go back to top
TUV QUALITY Management System UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 by TUEV-SUD.
Lloyd WELDING Certification Lloyd's Register for shipbuilding applications.
Italia Qualified manufacturing process "PROCESSING PLANT" according to NTC 2008 "Technical Standards for Constructions" pursuant to Ministerial Decree 14/01/2008 of the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport.
IMQ IMQ for the compliance of individual products to current regulations.


  • KONE
  • OTIS
  • other leading companies in the lift manufacturing industry in Italy and Europe.

A few examples of installations

  • Building modernization with LATUS lift - 710 mm external shaft dimension

    Block of flats with 6 above-ground floors with staircase modification

  • SUITE lift home lift platform

    Block of flats with 4 stops

  • Mini SUITE pantograph lift platform

    Private villa - elimination of architectural barriers.

  • INCAS lift metal structure

    Round lift metal structure, Rifugio 3000 Livigno.

  • NOVA Cabine lift cabin

    Lift cabin installed inside a historical building.

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